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Andrea Genevieve Townson

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Andrea has over 10 years experience in the digital marketing space, specializing in strategy, social media, campaign management and content development. She has worked with non-profit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, small business owners and solopreneurs. For the past 7 years Andrea has served as an adjunct professor at St. Edward’s University Bill Mundy School of … Continue reading Andrea Genevieve Townson

Jessica Hackett

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Jessica Hackett is a copywriter and content strategist currently based in the Pacific Northwest. She entered into business for herself at 21, and has been successfully creating clickable content for companies in the arts, tech, real estate, health, business and everything in between. In 2018, she launched Clicked Copy, an all-inclusive copywriting and content strategy … Continue reading Jessica Hackett

Kate Morgan

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Kate Morgan is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared or is forthcoming in New York Magazine, O Magazine, Slate, CNN, USA Today and other publications. Read her work at bykatemorgan.com.