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Catherine Hildner

Founder of Kitty Meow: A Creative Boutique

Brandi Gard Webb

Photographer + Creative Director

Lauren Black

Creative Strategist

Fallon Carmichael Santiago

Blogger/Influencer + Entrepenuer

Mac Joseph

Strategist + Influencer

Kathryn Hofer

CEO of Modern Planner, Planning Partner

Shaina Longstreet

Design Specialist

Sara Graybill


Diana YK Chan

Founder & CEO, Career Coach, Personal Branding Strategist, Speaker

Jessica Hackett

Founder of Clicked Copy

Brittney Lynn

PR Strategist

Krista Chapman

Business & Marketing Strategist

Larisa Courtien

Blogger and Online Business Manager

Kate Morgan

Freelancer & Boss Lady

Elle Drouin

Founder of Wonderfelle Media
Founder of Styled Stock Society

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