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New at Business? We can help.

We were all in your shoes once – EXCITED about working for yourself. FILLED WITH IDEAS about how to make money on your own terms. PASSIONATE about the online business world.
We know that with all that excitement comes a lot of questions. A lot of confusion. A lot of… what do I even google?

We were all there, and we all learned the hard way without mentors or friends. And as we grew our businesses to be profitable and successful, we realized how much easier this could have been if we had mentors along the way.

Now we’re here to be friends and mentors to you. To help you gain clarity on your ideas, encourage your dreams, and give you expert advice.

A Small Business Bestie is a vetted industry expert who has built a profitable small business. You need a mentor who understands the online business industry and who is successful in it. You want to talk to someone who is profitable, with a sustainable business so you can get the insights you need.

You need a Small Business Bestie. And we can’t wait to meet you!

How it Works

One: Find a Bestie – Two: Book a Call – Three: Show Up

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Who are the Besties?

Only the coolest people in the world! Kidding. Kind of.

We’re Small Business Besties – aka the mentor and friend we totally wish we had when we were starting out.

You know the one – the one who already knows the ins and outs of the industry, the one who has contacts with dozens of other industry leaders, the one who is an industry leader and change-maker. And since you’re besties, you get to pick her brain.

A Small Business Bestie is a vetted industry expert who has built a profitable small business. Someone who can help you get started the right way, and someone you definitely want to chat with!

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Kathryn Hofer

CEO of Modern Planner, Planning Partner
Modern Planner

Diana YK Chan

Strategist Founder & CEO, Career Coach, Personal Branding Strategist, Speaker
My Marketability

Andrea Genevieve Townson

Social Media Marketing Strategist
Andrea Genevieve Creative

Krista Chapman

Business & Marketing Strategist
Path and Compass

That’s not all! Meet the rest of us here.

Did we just become best friends?

Sure hope so! Let’s do this

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Meet the Founder

 Hey! I’m Larisa. 

I’m a blogger at we heart beauty and a Virtual Assistant and Online Business manager at We Heart Branding LLC.
In the very beginning, when my business was just a fantasy, I remember not having anyone to talk to. I remember trying to run all my ideas by my friends and family who had no clue what I was talking about.
I was told to get a real job, and stop trying to make it in the online industry.
Now that I’m successful in my business, I can see so clearly what I needed when I was starting out. What I needed was someone to brainstorm with that understood online business life. I needed someone who could help me understand the small idea I had and help me know where to start. I needed a mentor.
It took me 3 years of troubleshooting and rebranding and changing my offerings. It took me so long to get off the ground and to be profitable. And now that I’m here I know how much I needed a mentor.
I don’t want this to be your story. I want you to be able to talk to someone right away to get your ideas and your business going. You don’t have to spend a fortune, either. With Small Business Bestie you can book a 60-minute call with a highly profitable entrepreneur for only $99.99.

You deserve to follow your dreams – sometimes you just need a friend to help guide you along the way. Better than that – how about a Bestie?

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Ready to work?

A 60 minute phone call could change your business. Seriously.

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Questions? We thought you’d never ask…

What is a Small Business Bestie?

A Small Business Bestie is a vetted industry expert who has built a profitable small business. This person has been in business and profitable for at least 2 years. A Bestie that is the right fit for you has found success in the industry you’re hoping to break into and is here to be your mentor and guiding light.

How do I book a Bestie call?

Head to the Bestie page to find your preferred mentor. You can search based on the type of topics we are experts in, or you can simply browse until you find a match. At the bottom of each profile is a scheduler, where you can select an appointment time and complete payment.

Is a Bestie a career coach?

Nope – a Bestie is a mentor and a friend, but not a career coach. You’ll be speaking with an industry expert and discussing any business related questions, but only for 60 minutes. A coach might provide you with some homework or be able to dive a little deeper with you to achieve the results you’d like. A Bestie call is more of a “pick my brain” session – it will be up to you, not the Bestie, to come up with a strategy from there.

How does the call work?

Logistically speaking, each call is a skype session. You’ll be asked for your skype id before making payment, and your BEstie will call you at the appointment time.

Call topics are decided by you before booking the call. Your Bestie and the Small Business Bestie team reserves the right to flag any questions deemed inappropriate, and a call may be canceled or rescheduled if it does not seem like a good fit.

Please be respectful of your Bestie’s time and come with a list of questions. Your Bestie will move the conversation forward, but it’s up to you to present your ideas and ask your questions.

Do I have to be brand new to online business? Is this only for new entrepreneurs?

Not at all! You can be in any stage of business to book a call. Our Besties have been profitable in their businesses for a minimum of 2 years, but there’s always more knowledge and ideas to share with anyone who has been working as long as we have.

We welcome any online entrepreneurs of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and industry to book a call!

Is there a limit to the number of calls I can book?

There is a limit to the number of calls you can pick with each Bestie, however it varies from person to person. If you are reaching the limit of your call you’ll receive an email from us letting you know before you can book again with the same Bestie.

We highly recommend picking the brain of more than one of our Besties – every single one of us has something to offer you!

What if I want to talk for more than 60 minutes?

Each call is only 60 minutes… for now. We are working on adding more call lengths to our offerings, but for now please be respectful of your Bestie’s time. We only allow 60-minute video calls, but hope to offer longer calls in the future!

What is your rescheduling policy?

If a call time no longer works for you, please be sure to contact us at info@smallbusinessbestie.com to reschedule within 24 hours of the call time. Any cancellation request after the 24-hour window has passed will be considered a “late cancel” and will not be allowed to be rescheduled or refunded.

Please be mindful of the time of each of our Besties – we are still running full-time businesses in addition to taking calls! We ask that you respect our time by making an appointment change at least 24 hours in advance.

How is my information stored?

We take your privacy very seriously. You can view our privacy policy and terms of service here.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Let’s do this.

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